September 23, 2023

Gurkha curry with innovative taste. Fried pork with shrimp

Add the pork to the oil. Instead of cooking as usual, you can eat vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Let’s mix it with seafood. When fried, it will be a very delicious dish if it is fried with prawns as well as soft and delicious gourd.

1 bundle of Gurkha shoots
Shrimp paste 5 kyats
Three layers of pork 5 kyats
1 onion
5 cloves garlic
A little Chin
Half a teaspoon of chilli powder
1 tablespoon chicken curry powder
Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
2 tablespoons pure bean oil
5 pods of green chillies
A little fresh water

How to cook
First of all, shrimp paste. Rinse and clean the three layers of pork.

Boil the pork and fry it thinly.

Please clean the gourd leaves and peel the leaves.

garlic, onion, Let the chin be oiled.

Add oil to the pan and when the oil heats up, add the puffed onions and fry.

When the oil smells good, add the shrimp paste and three layers of pork.

When the prawns and pork are cooked, add the chopped leaves and a little fresh water.

Chicken powder for taste. Please add some chili powder.

When the gourd is soft and juicy, you can cover it with green pepper and enjoy it with hot rice.

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